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"Exatlon Estados Unidos"

Jesus Almada, 29-year-old Mexican trainer and motivator, as a kid he never liked sports until he fell in love with boxing. He practices the sport ever since but says only as therapy.

Raquel Becker, 25-year-old Mexican stunt woman, loves taking risks, a passion she shares with her boyfriend, Danee Marmolejo, who will also compete in Exatlon Estados Unidos.

Danee Marmolejo, 25-year-old Mexican parkour artist, he started practicing at 15 and he likes to think of himself as a spokesperson for the popular sport. Exatlon represents a new adventure, one he will share with his girlfriend, Raquel Becker.

Martibelle Payano, 30-year-old Dominican-American professional wrestler, best known for working for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling.

Adrian Martinez, 20-year-old Mexican, lives in North Carolina with his grandparents and practices climbing. He comes from a family full of athletes and claims his grandfather showed him the ropes when it comes to training.

Brianda Carrasco, Miss Houston Latina 2017, who has dedicated her free time to help children with disabilities and hopes to one day start a non-profit organization, she believes that Exatlon Estados Unidos will give her the positive change she needs in her life.

Kenny Ochoa, 23-year-old Guatemalan, who serves in the United States military, recently won Soldier of the Year in 2017 and always pushes himself towards success in hope of avoiding a boring life. Ochoa believes that Exatlon Estados Unidos is a challenge he can win.

Lorena Abreu, 24-year-old Dominican who dedicates much of her life to acting but is also one of the fiercest competitors in parkour. Abreu has worked in grand productions and is willing to risk it all to be one of the finalists in this competition.

Yarishna Ayala, 27-year-old Puerto Rican dancer and bodybuilder, who is known for her active lifestyle and fitness tips on social media to her millions of followers.

Miguel Montaño, 26-year-old Mexican model from San Diego, California, who dedicates his time to fitness entertainment and sees Exatlon Estados Unidos as a test of his physical strength.