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Maverick Carter

Executive Producer, "The Wall"

Maverick Carter, CEO of SpringHill Entertainment and its premiere digital media platform Uninterrupted, oversees the expanding entertainment companies’ overall strategic direction, spearheads their new business and content development partnerships, and guides their growing multi-platform global distribution efforts.

In addition, Carter plays a vital role in all project, partner and talent developments, leveraging key relationships and providing unique insight to create original, exclusive and authentic content across a variety of mediums.

With a steadily expanding portfolio of innovative projects, Carter has quickly become an influential figure in the media and entertainment industry. One of his fastest growing ventures is Uninterrupted, the digital media company created by Carter and LeBron James in 2015 that empowers athletes with a platform to develop and amplify their stories. Since its debut, Uninterrupted has forged partnerships with a growing list of industry-leading companies including Warner Bros. Entertainment, Facebook and Verizon to create and distribute its unique, creative and captivating content globally across multiple platforms.

In addition to its direct athlete videos featuring insights from some of the top sports stars in the world, Uninterrupted’s authentic and impactful content also includes the short documentary series “Rebuilt” on Chris Bosh and his struggle and determination to get back on the court, an original scripted sports comedy series “Now We’re Talking” on go90, short film “FIBA Allow Hijab” about an African-American Muslim woman whose dream to play professional basketball is ended by an international ban on head scarves, and “Fight Mom,” the platform’s first feature-length documentary on female professional MMA fighter, breakout UFC star and full-time mom Michelle Waterson. In addition, Uninterrupted recently launched its own podcast network featuring in-depth and timely conversations with some of today’s biggest sports and entertainment personalities.

In 2008, Carter and James launched SpringHill Entertainment, an entertainment and content company that develops creative content across a variety of platforms, including digital, documentary and feature films, as well as television. Carter serves as the executive producer on SpringHill’s growing list of successful, compelling and aspirational projects including NBC’s hit primetime game show “The Wall,” the award-winning Starz scripted comedy series “Survivor’s Remorse” and the upcoming HBO documentary on the great Muhammad Ali, with acclaimed director Antoine Fuqua.

In addition to his expanding entertainment endeavors, Carter also has an extensive background in marketing and business development. As the longtime manager of James’ business interests, Carter was instrumental in securing his lifetime deal with Nike, the largest single-athlete guarantee and the first lifetime commitment in the company’s history. Carter also played a key role in the growth of LRMR Ventures, which holds and oversees all of Carter’s and James’ current investments and business assets.

Their growing investment portfolio included Beats by Dre, which was sold to Apple for $3.2 billion in 2014, and currently contains The Robot Company, an integrated marketing agency founded by Carter in 2014 that leverages relationships within the sports, art, digital, music and entertainment industries to build and execute client-specific marketing solutions for brand partners; Liverpool Football Club, the storied Premier League football franchise Carter and James own a stake in through their partnership with Fenway Sports Group; and Blaze Fast Fire’d Pizza, the nation’s largest and fastest growing fast-casual pizza chain that Carter and James have been investors in since 2012.

Carter attended Western Michigan University and currently splits time between Akron, Ohio and Los Angeles.