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Diego Cadavid

Señor Romero, "Señora Acero "

Medellín-born Diego Cadavid is a Colombian actor born who studied Dramatic Arts at Teatro Libre de Bogotá and La Casa del Teatro Nacional. 

He has participated in more than 25 television series, mostly as a lead actor, including: “Yo Soy Betty La Fea,” on RCN TV; “La saga” and “El Cartel de los Sapos,” on Caracol; “Tiempo Final,” on Fox Telecolombia; “Los caballeros las prefieren brutas,” for Sony Pictures; “La ronca de oro,” with CMO Producciones; and “Contra el Tiempo,” for Mundo Fox. 

Cadavid has won seven television awards, among them two “India Catalina” awards for best actor and a prized “Orchid of Miami” for best international actor. His filmography includes 10 titles, three of them international, including the Spanish film “El Callejón,” in which he plays a vampire alongside Cuban-Spanish actress Ana de Armas. His first film in English, “The Muddy,” was released in 2016. 

In parallel, Diego has had a successful career in popular music, as drummer for the band The Mills and as part of the duo Bautte. He has released three albums and a number of singles and has played hundreds of concerts around the world. 

Most recently, Cadavid appeared in the Mexican series “Ingobernable” on Netflix. He is currently in Mexico filming the new season of “Señora Acero, La Coyote” for Telemundo. 

Diego Cadavid is on social media at and @CadavidDiego on Twitter and Instagram.