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Courtney Skippon

Third Stewardess, "Below Deck"

Growing up on the west coast of Canada, Courtney has spent most of her life on or in the water. When she found herself unable to find a career path that excited her at home, she left for Europe to attend business school in France. After a year of living her best Parisian life, she was in need of work to supplement her lifestyle. Luckily, A friend was looking for a second stewardess on the charter yacht she worked on, and the rest is history. Two girls attending to 12+ guests for 6 course lunches and extravagant evenings, turned into a do-it-all crash course in stewardessing. When the season ended, so did her stint at business school and she followed her heart into a yachting career. When she’s not working, you can find her lounging on the beach, and experiencing everything a new city has to offer.