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Andrea Day

Reporter, "CNBC Reporters"

Andrea Day covers Crime & Punishment for CNBC. She and her team have reported nearly $1 billion in fraud this year.

Her segments have covered a wide range of topics including boiler room operations, front running, Ponzi schemes, prostitution, diamond heists, suburban pot operations, counterfeit goods rings, and international identity theft.

Day began her career at Fox News where she received 11 Emmy Award nominations and won three. These include winning two Emmys for "Outstanding Single Hard News Story" and one for "Outstanding Crime Programming." She has also won numerous FOLIO awards for investigative reporting.

Andrea Day began her television career behind the camera, making commercials. She was a vice president and partner for J. Walter Thompson in New York and Chicago, where she helped create memorable advertising for clients including Clairol, Pepsi Lipton, Toys R Us, Oscar Mayer, Mott's and the American Red Cross. During her advertising career, Day was honored with numerous EFFIE awards.