The simultaneous seizure in Mexico and Colombia of drug shipments marked with the mysterious seal of a snake, confirm the existence of a powerful transnational criminal network led by a mysterious Mexican drug lord that has remained hidden for more than 25 years.

Three governments then create an international team of anti-drug agents whose mission is to discover the identity of El Guapo and capture him. This special team will be led by Colombian Captain Amalia Ortega who, while sacrificing her family life, has spent over a year chasing El Guapo’s main drug suppliers in Colombia.

Together with DEA Agent Bradley Jones and Mexican Colonel Gabriel Pedraza, Amalia is discovering the intricate network of corruption and secrecy that have made “El Guapo” a mystery for years. The investigation will take them through several regions of Colombia and Mexico facing a long list of enemies, until finally reaching the Sonoran Desert, epicenter of the power of “El Guapo”, where he will end up exposing his identity.

In this arduous path to fulfill her mission, Captain Amalia Ortega will have to face the duality of being the mother she always wanted to be and that her children need, and the police woman in charge of a transcendental mission for her institution. Amalia will put her life, her marriage and her home at stake, but she will also find great support in Colonel Pedraza, who will accompany her at the risk of even his own life in this story full of action, intrigue and emotions.