A very dysfunctional family will demonstrate that together they can overcome all the obstacles that immigrants face in the pursuit of the American Dream.

In a neighborhood in Houston we’ll meet a Hispanic family, as united as they are dysfunctional. The Guerreros: five siblings that were left alone when their father passed away and their mother was deported to Mexico. 

The eldest of the Guerreros is Jose Maria, born in Mexico and undocumented. They call him El Patas since childhood due to his agile ability with his feet and a soccer ball. El Patas always dreamt of becoming a professional soccer player, but had to abandon his dream to take care of his three sisters and younger brother. After him is Rosa, also undocumented, very beautiful and “loving.” She grew up feeling that with her beauty she could obtain everything she wanted. Then came the twins, born in the U.S.: Marisol and Julian, as different as they are inseparable. She’s responsible and a fighter… he was always the pretty boy on the block, ungovernable, in trouble, as brazen as he is charming. And finally Lili, a loving and intelligent girl, but in need of affection, marked by the absence of her parents. 

Five years ago, the mother of the Guerrero siblings was deported and made a very painful decision: she left her children in the U.S. to assure them a future in the country of opportunities.

El Patas married Ashley, a redneck with whom he had a son, and whom he has helped overcome her addictions. However, Ashley’s constant relapses and his own personal demons have worn out their relationship, opening the door to Erika, a committed social worker who supports the Guerreros to stay together as a family, and who will steal everyone’s heart, especially Patas.

But the American dream isn’t easy to achieve, and much less for five young kids adrift, who saw how their family was separated and stopped believing in dreams, until one of them, Marisol, through her passion for soccer, gives back hope to her siblings and shows them that they can still dream. Although Marisol loves soccer, she doesn’t see it as a career since she only knows the reality of her neighborhood. But everything will change when Santiago, the coach of a women’s soccer club, sees Marisol’s talent. He will make her see that she has a special gift, a special talent that she shouldn’t waste. Marisol will begin to fight to become a professional soccer player, but will have many challenges that prevent her from succeeding. Every one of her family’s problems will be an obstacle that steals her time and attention.

El Patas; Rosa; Marisol and Julian; and Lili are the perfect example of sibling love, in this family of survivors who show their affection with actions instead of hugs. Always united, no matter what happens, and no matter the rules or obstacles they must overcome.


She’s of Mexican parents, but born in the United States, since they decided to leave Mexico and enter the U.S. illegally. Marisol has four siblings: El Patas and Rosa, older than her; Julian, her twin, and Lili, the youngest. Her father died and her mother was deported to Mexico, this left her no choice but to take on a maternal role for her twin brother and younger sister, when she was only 12 years old. She has a mature attitude and is the one who puts order in a chaotic household; but she’s not a martyr either, rather she has a fresh and jovial attitude, besides being very attractive. Marisol is in her last year of high school at a public school during the day and in the afternoons she works with El Patas in his burrito food truck. Soccer has been her main passion since she was little, although she doesn’t have much time to think about her goals since she only knows the reality of her neighborhood and the deficiencies in her home. 

He was born in Mexico and at age 16, his parents took him to the United States illegally. He always dreamt of becoming a professional soccer player, but at 22, he had to abandon that dream to take care of his three sisters and younger brother when his father died and his mother was deported to Mexico. In addition, he suffered a knee injury, which didn’t allow him to continue playing. He’s called “El Patas” for the ability and passion he demonstrated for soccer as a child. But they also call him that because of the size of his feet. El Patas always was and still is very attractive to women. He’s a very noble person but his admiration for his father leads him to repeat his pattern of behavior. El Patas is capable of giving his life for his siblings and feels responsible for the future of the family. He works from sunrise to sunset in his burrito food truck. He fell in love with Ashley, an American woman from a redneck family. Although they have a two year old son, Maddox, they haven’t been able to get married because El Patas entered the U.S. illegally. In order to keep custody of his siblings, they all live under the same household.

ROSA GUERRERO – Laura Chimaras
She was born in Mexico and was brought to the United States by her parents when she was 14 years old. Despite being the eldest sister of the Guerreros, Rosa didn’t take on the responsibility of becoming the maternal figure after her father’s death and mother’s deportation. She grew up feeling that with beauty she could obtain everything she wanted, and as a result, she embodies the look of a sexy and daring woman; at the same time, she’s very naïve. She prefers to be called “Rose” because she tries to hide her Hispanic origin and illegal status. Rose works as a manicurist. She’s very close to her siblings even though she doesn’t let anyone into her life. She watches telenovelas, romantic movies and believes in love… But she changes her “prince charming” constantly. Rose doesn’t hold back when it comes to giving herself. She lives in fear due to her illegal status and is willing to do anything to change it.

JULIÁN GUERRERO – Gabriel Tarantini
He was born in the United States and is Marisol’s twin. He respects his older brother, El Patas, since he is the closest he has to a father figure, just as Marisol is the closest he has to a mother figure in his family. He was always a rebellious and disastrous child. He’s barely making it through his last year of high school. He’s young, handsome, and a flirt. Julian is a magnet for problems due to his impulsive and immature nature when making decisions. He loves his siblings and supports them when they’re in trouble. He’s a seductive heartthrob who loves changing girlfriends constantly, because he doesn’t believe in love, but in pleasure. He’s ironic and has a dark sense of humor that ends up being rude.

She was born in the United States and is the youngest of the Guerreros. She sees El Patas, her eldest brother, like a father, and Marisol like a mother. Lili is a loving and intelligent, but in need of affection. Although her siblings always lookout for her, Lili grew up in chaos and with the affective deficiencies of a dysfunctional family marked by her mother’s absence. She’s hard-working, cooperative and affectionate; but full of insecurities. Lili idealized her mother and defends her above all. She’s a good girl, but believes that the end justifies the means. Despite her young age, she shows moments of much maturity, especially those that have to do with keeping her family together and set aside her personal conflicts to help her siblings.

SANTIAGO VÉLEZ – Mauricio Henao
He was born in Bogota, Colombia. Santiago is the only child of a couple of very important professionals in his country. From an early age he showed interest in professional soccer and became a prominent player in one of Colombia’s soccer clubs; but when he was about to become a part of the national team, he was forced to abandon his dreams and move to the United States, moving away from his family, living a low profile life for the past few years. He became the coach of “The Stars,” a women’s soccer club in Houston, Texas. His situation in the U.S. is completely legal. Santiago is a man with a strong character. He is very demanding with the young ladies he trains and knows very well how to recognize other players’ talent. Many of them are attracted to him, but Santiago respects his role as a coach.

IRMA SOLÍS – Laura Flores
She lived in Michoacán, Mexico and when she was only 15 years old, Gregorio Guerrero fell in love with her, making her his woman. Irma became pregnant with her first child, Jose Maria (El Patas) and later got married. She was a child raising children. She felt loved by Gregorio, although he beat her. Due to the terrible violence in Michoacán, Irma was determined to move her whole family to the United States. Rosa, her second daughter had already been born. Irma tried to help her husband, but between work and the children, she gave up. The twins were born, being already in the U.S. and after five years, she became pregnant and Lili was born. One year after her husband’s death, in a raid at her job, immigration officers deported her to Mexico and Irma made the tough decision to leave her children in the U.S., so they could have a better future. Currently she lives in Mexico, where she maintains a relationship with Daniel, father of her sixth son, Danielito.

ASHLEY JOHNSON – Natasha Dominguez
Ashley is the eldest daughter of the Johnson family, a redneck family, a group of uneducated and under resourced U.S. citizens whose father has been imprisoned since she was a child. Her mother, Dakota, is in charge of maintaining the home. Her younger sister, TJ, is in constant conflict with her because of her decisions. They live in a house that displays their love for American culture, they boast of their nationality and are racist. When she met El Patas, she was able to overcome her addictions. With him, Ashley had a son named Maddox. They live in the Guerrero home, because El Patas doesn’t want to abandon his siblings and this bothers Ashley very much. She doesn’t help around the house. Ashley’s behavior is usually extreme, aggressive and impulsive.

TIFFANY JOHNSON – Michelle Taurel
She’s the youngest daughter of the Johnson family, Ashley’s sister and Dakota’s daughter. She belongs to a redneck family and dresses like a tomboy. She dresses like a boy, always with baggy clothes, sweatpants, ripped jeans and short hair that could change colors. In spite of all this, TJ is a beautiful young woman, hidden in her rude façade. She knows how to use almost every weapon. From a young age she was very masculine, that’s why she earned the fame of being a lesbian, although she is not. Her attitude is like that of a dog that is defensive and barks at any action that she considers a threat.

She’s Ashley and TJ’s mother, and a proud redneck. She is a clumsy woman with little resources and little education. Her attitude is aggressive and it got worse when her husband was taken to prison many years ago. She has never approved Ashley’s relationship with El Patas.

TITO PÉREZ – José G. Cortinez
Tito is Puerto Rican and proud, with the Puerto Rican flavor in his blood. He’s married to Camila and is Eddie and Genesis’ father. He’s a modern man that tries to be friends with his children, instead of their father. His family is neighbors to the Guerreros and they’ve supported them whenever possible. Tito is very fiery and does not miss any opportunity to show Camila how much he loves her.

CAMILA PÉREZ – Karla Monroig
She’s Tito Perez’s wife, Eddie and Genesis’ mother. She’s a hot blooded woman, very beautiful and sensual but never vulgar. Camila was born in Puerto Rico and is a defender of her Latin roots. She wanted to take care of the Guerrero siblings when their mother was deported, but Irma didn’t accept. She’s a good mother that worries for her children and does what she can to help them reach their dreams. Camila worries about Rosa, Marisol and Lili like a mother would. Together she and her husband form a scandalous and very passionate couple.

EDDIE PÉREZ – Jerry Rivera
He’s Tito and Camila’s eldest son and is as cheerful and effusive as his parents. He was born in the U.S. Eddie gets along very well with his sister Genesis, although he doesn’t pay much attention to her, like his parents. Eddie wants to live life his way, without having to give explanations, although he’s not a bad boy, he’ll constantly face the temptation to enter the criminal world. He’s in love with Marisol and refuses to stay in the “friend zone.” On the contrary, he strives to become the man he believes she deserves. He dresses very attractive with designer brands and is very exaggerated. He feels part of the Guerrero siblings, helps them and chimes in on their problems, as one of them.

GÉNESIS PÉREZ – Michelle De Andrade
She is Tito and Camila’s youngest daughter, Eddie’s sister and Marisol’s best friend, since they were young girls. Her family is from Puerto Rico and they are very proud of their roots. She likes parties, boys and friends… She is not a moralist, but she is quite healthy and athletic. Genesis is Marisol’s main accomplice; she considers her a sister and supports her in everything. She sees soccer more as an opportunity to attend a good university, than as a career.

ERIKA RAMÍREZ – Sabrina Seara
Erika is an attractive woman, but dresses conservatively due to her personality and profession. She’s a social worker, involved with the local police. She attended and graduated from college very young, has a vocation for services and loves her job and the possibility of helping others. Sometimes Erika cannot avoid getting involved with the cases she works on, especially when there is child abuse. She admires El Patas for all his efforts to support his siblings and that admiration will slowly turn into love.

Francisca, better known as Panchita, was born in Mexico and was Irma’s mother’s best friend. That’s why Irma always considered her an aunt. She moved to the U.S. more than twenty years ago, where she married, became a citizen and also a widow. Panchita is addicted to gambling. When Irma was deported, in the middle of the emergency, she decided to sign a document where Panchita would remain as the legal guardian of her children. Panchita is an expert in defrauding the state, and anyone who allows her. She knows all the ways to receive government aid, she knows what forms to fill out, where to find them and how to skip some procedures. Her character is strong; she’s selfish and has a sour sense of humor.

ANDREA FOX – Laura Vieira
She comes from being one of the most important soccer players in the country with great experience and hard work in the women’s soccer area. She no longer plays, but instead is now dedicated to training young women and girls. Andrea ascended quickly until becoming director of the women’s soccer club in which Santiago works and which Marisol will join. She is a cold, materialistic and ironic woman.

PENÉLOPE DÍAZ – Paulina Matos
A young soccer player, forward position, she has played soccer since she was a young girl, with the financial support of her parents who paid for classes in private clubs, but she has also stood out for her effort and dedication. Even though she takes soccer and training very seriously, she is also very feminine and sensual. She’s ironic, uninhibited and popular. She’s attracted to her coach Santiago. Penelope was born in the U.S. but her parents are Hispanic, so she’s fluent in both languages.

MEGAN SUMMERS – Estefany Oliveira
She plays defense on the team that Marisol joins. She’s nice, uninhibited, cheerful, supportive, very beautiful and sexy, so feminine that many are surprised when they find out that Megan is gay. From an American father and Hispanic mother, Megan is a bilingual young woman who has already accepted, without hesitation, her sexual orientation.

SANDRA RYAN – Ana Wolfermann
Like Penelope, Sandy leads the team, so she feels threatened by the arrival of a skilled and talented forward position player like Marisol. Sandy thinks she’s Penelope’s best friend, but actually imitates her because she wants to be like her. Her family has money, but not as much as Penelope’s family; She’s pretty, but not as pretty as Penelope; she wants to be popular, but remains in Penelope’s shadow; she’s a good soccer player, but never as good as Penelope.

He is Santiago’s father. Miguel is a mature, elegant and very attractive man, a successful Colombian businessman who always had a hard time accepting that his son wanted to dedicate to professional soccer instead of following his footsteps as an entrepreneur. He has a youthful spirit, loves parties, rides a motorcycle and quickly befriends his son’s friends.

AMPARO DE VÉLEZ – Coraima Torres
She’s Santiago’s mother and Miguel’s wife. Amparo is a well-known psychiatrist in Colombia; She’s the author of many books, a college professor, a great intellectual who cannot see anything good about her son “chasing a ball,” because for her, soccer is only a game for kids.

DANIEL MENDOZA – Francisco Rubio
Daniel is the man Irma met back in Mexico, after being deported. Daniel is very handsome, young, cheerful, charming, seductive, affectionate, the life of the party. But at the same time, he’s also a womanizer without remedy, who refuses to get engaged and give up his freedom. Not even the son he had with Irma managed to make Daniel settle.

ANTONIA CADENAS – Daniela Navarro
Antonia comes from a humble home, but alongside her husband, worked very hard to own a grocery store, which she has expanded little by little, and which she is capable of defending even with her life. For many she is a bitter, tyrannical and intolerant woman. But deep down, she is capable of loving, and in fact loves her husband, even if she insists on dominating him and making all the decisions in the relationship.

VICENTE CADENAS – Roberto Plantier
He’s a timid man, generous but weak in character. He’s been married for several years and although he loves his wife, Mercedes, he is already tired of her dominant and “castrating” character.