The story about a fan that fulfills her dream of love with her favorite actor, but soon discovers that her beloved idol is not anything like the leading man he portrays in telenovelas.

People say one can’t escape one’s fate. People say we all have a story that is already written and nothing can change it. People say that what starts bad, ends bad. People who say these things don’t know Vale (Angélica Vale.)

Vale is a cheerful, humble and simple woman, and a fan of famous telenovela actor Lucas Duarte (Juan Pablo Espinosa). The lives of Vale and Lucas cross path one day; by what people could call a work of fate, luck, and magic. While she is hidden inside a giant pizza costume, handing out flyers to promote the business where she works, she believes she saves the life of her beloved actor, but everything is just part of a novela scene. That marks the first encounter between Lucas and Vale, but not the only one. Lucas’ manager, Gabriel (Gabriel Porras) comes up with the idea of making a contest for all fans. And with a little “help,” Vale wins the contest. Extremely fascinated, Vale has lunch with Lucas. And this time, she ends up saving his life for real. And so Vale becomes Lucas’ personal assistant, his shadow, and his guardian angel.

Vale begins to know who the real Lucas Duarte is. His habits, obsessions and flaws and despite of that, she loves him more every day. Lucas begins to really know his fan. Her strengths, light and radiance. And, reluctantly, he begins to fall in love with her.

But every story has a past; a past that could transform this love story into an impossible one because even though they both ignore it, Lucas is the father of Tomas (Emmanuel Pérez) the late Lucia’s son. Tomas is a young boy that Vale is raising as her own since her friend died. Lucas turns out to be the recipient of Vale’s hate, for having abandoned her friend. Vale finds herself at a crossroads, divided in two, having to choose whether to listen to the cries of resentment out of loyalty toward her late friend or the love of the fan that she still is.



Vale, as her friends call her, lives in an apartment located above a bakery. Her parents died when she was young and she was raised in an orphanage. She is a cheerful, fun, outgoing, a dreamer and a little clumsy, but is more prudent when it comes to chasing her idol, Lucas Duarte, the famous actor that has been stealing women’s hearts in his telenovelas for years. Although Vale knows he is only a fantasy and she will never be near her idol, she enjoys her role as president of the Lucas Duarte’s Fan Club. The difficult situations Vale had to endure in the past made her the brave, comprehensive and enterprising woman she is today. Between the silence of the sisters and the gray walls of the orphanage, she resisted sadness and became resilient. She succeeded. She reinvented herself and arose from her own ashes. In the orphanage, she met Lucia, her best friend, her chosen sister. Together they endured the loneliness and sadness, and also shared moments full of fun and laughter. It was there that Vale learned to adapt to any necessity: she did paint and electricity jobs, and became the one in charge of solving any problem in the orphanage. She was a counselor, teacher, nurse, psychologist and clown for the rest of her classmates. Vale could do everything. When they left the orphanage at 18, the two friends rented an apartment located above a Café, whose owner, Eloisa, a widow with a big heart, took them in like her own daughters. Eloisa allowed them to pay the rent late and many times invited them to have dinner with her and her sons, Diego and Miguel, who became like brothers for Vale and Lucia. Those years of living with Lucia are the ones Vale remembers most fondly because they were the happiest years. Every afternoon, after work, Lucia has the inevitable ritual: watch the telenovela starring Lucas Duarte. But everything changed when Lucia began dating someone. For some reason that Vale didn’t understand, Lucia didn’t want to reveal his name, she wanted to keep it a secret; a while after, Lucia became pregnant. Vale thought her friend would finally introduce her boyfriend. On the contrary, he left her. This broke Lucia’s heart; she became very ill a while after giving birth. Lucia’s health worsened day after day, while Vale prayed for her, always by her side and caring for Tomas, the newborn baby. Lucia never wanted to reveal the name of her son’s father, not even on her deathbed. He just made Vale promise she would look after the baby. Vale swore to take care of Tomas, and also to look for the man that had hurt her to seek revenge in the cruelest way. After Lucia’s passing, Vale became a mother to Tomas. He is the light of her life and she is capable of anything for him. Vale always reminds Tomas that his mother is Lucia, and makes sure the boy doesn’t forget her. Currently, Vale works at a pizza place where she does various jobs: sometimes she has to tend the counter, others she has to knead the dough, and sometimes she has to hand out flyers while wearing a huge colorful pizza costume. When Vale gets home from work, every day, she has two activities. First, pick up Tomy from soccer practice and later, return to Eloisa’s Café that is just below her apartment, where she watches the telenovela with the girls from Lucas Duarte’s Fan Club. Once the telenovela has ended, they discuss it for a while and catch up on that day’s gossip.

LUCAS DUARTE – Juan Pablo Espinosa
He is the telenovela hunk that is everything a man would want to be. He’s handsome, works in what he loves the most, makes very good money has worldwide fame and has an enviable girlfriend. Lucas’ biggest problem is precisely that, he has it all and thinks he is the best. He’s conceited, narcissistic, intolerant and rude to the people around him, including his fans… But he is so good-looking that the public adores him. That is, of course, because they don’t know him personally. Lucas has been acting for a long time, but it wasn’t until a telenovela he starred with Salma, last year, that he became famous worldwide. His older brother, Carlos Zubizarreta, never wanted Lucas to be in the acting industry, as he is a powerful businessman and thinks the television industry is “low”, unworthy of a young aristocratic family. He would have liked Lucas to be a lawyer, accountant or engineer, and to take a managerial position within the family business. But Lucas, as always, did as he pleased, and chose an artistic last name: Duarte. Lucas is dating Salma Beltran, his partner in the telenovela. She meets all the physical requirements to be his girlfriend: she’s gorgeous, has the perfect body and a conquering smile. The public loves her. Everyone believes they are the perfect couple, but he doesn’t really feel anything special for her. In fact, he doesn’t feel anything for anyone: Lucas doesn’t believe in love and he sees women as mere sexual objects. He suffered a big heartbreak that made him put a wall around his feelings and made him a cold and calculating man. Nobody knows who caused the heartbreak because he never talks about it, but the resentment is evident. His only interest, apparently, is his career.

Gabriel is Lucas’ representative and “best friend”; he is in charge of managing his career. He’s intelligent, ingenious, and friendly. As a boy, he was a prodigy and an excellent actor. Unfortunately, as with most child prodigies, he began to grow and couldn’t get other roles. Although he hides it, he always wanted to continue being an actor and secretly desires his years of fame, remembering his lines in front of a mirror. One day, as a teenager, he asked his best friend to accompany him to an audition for a telenovela and had such bad luck that his friend was selected and not him. This friend is none other than Lucas Duarte, who began his acting career at that moment. Gabriel’s feelings towards Lucas are mixed. He loves him like a brother but at the same time, envies him deeply, since he feels that everything that Lucas has, in reality, should be his. Lucas trusts Gabriel blindly, and would never doubt his loyalty. This, however, doesn’t stop Lucas from treating Gabriel as a servant at times. When Lucas treats him like dirt, Gabriel must swallow his anger and do, as he demands.

SALMA BELTRÁN – Scarlet Ortiz
Salma is a telenovela actress. The public adores her because they all believe her character. People think she is the adorable and naive young girl they see in the telenovela every day. What they don’t know is that in real life, Salma is actually a cluster of defects: envious, jealous, greedy, possessive, and extreme perfectionist. She’s never satisfied with what she has. For her, having Lucas, is an achievement as important as having the best body in the celebrity world, or the most ostentatious house. She loves to be on the cover of magazines and collects all the ones she’s been on. Under her bed she has a “visualization board” her mother suggested she make when she was an adolescent. There she has cut-outs from magazines that represent all her life desires and goals: a luxurious mansion, a stable with three thoroughbreds brought from Arabia, a sailboat, a private jet, a garage with 10 collection cars, an extravagant wedding on the beach… Salma crosses off her objectives as she achieves them. And of course, Lucas is the final piece that completes this board. Salma is divorced and has a son, Rodrigo. The boy plays soccer and will be Tomas’ rival, in some competitions.


Carlos is Lucas’ older brother. He lives for his businesses and his company until the beginning of this story, when he decides to pass on all the responsibilities and work to his daughter Adriana, his princess, who followed his footsteps and inherited his leadership skills. He’s married to Felicitas. His objective in life is to have more and more money. Carlos suspects his wife has been unfaithful on various occasions but is frankly, not that interested. As long as she is entertained and doesn’t bother him, he is happy. Many years ago, he fell in love with a woman who he never saw again… a woman with whom he had a son he didn’t recognize and whom he could never find. He doesn’t suspect how close he will be to that great love…

FELICITAS – Elsy Reyes
Felicitas is elegant, distinguished and has a unique charm. She’s very special. She uses a French perfume, which captivates everyone with her movements; she has a silhouette any 20-year-old would envy. There is an irreverent air in her look that makes her a woman impossible to forget. She married Carlos very much in love but was disillusioned soon into marriage, and that made her life change drastically. She wasn’t a good mother, or good wife… but she was, and is a great artist. She likes to travel, to live without schedules, without routine…without limits. She also likes younger men…none of them last too long since she gets bored easily…until she meets one that does not meet her every whim, one that does not give into her charms, and who doesn’t accept going to bed with her.

She is a young executive, graduate from Harvard, with an astonishing GPA, a capacity to work and an ambition that make her shine amongst the rest. She is physically beautiful, and since she was a child, she always preferred books and studying to parties and late night outings. She speaks five languages, has travelled around the world and is as charismatic as she is rational. Adriana, Carlos and Felicitas’ daughter, followed her father’s footsteps and at the beginning of the story, she receives the grand news: she will take over the family business. She is cold and calculating; to her, marriage is a business deal. However, she didn’t always think this way; it was after she was betrayed by the man she loved and trusted. But in present day she is convinced of dedicating her life exclusively to her career. Until she meets a simple man, humble, nice and charming, with high values but low resources, who will make her feel like a woman, like never before.

ELOISA – Gloria Peralta
Eloisa is the owner of a café, where Vale goes every day. Above her business there is a small apartment where Vale and Tomas live. Vale has been Eloisa’s tenant for years and they have a close relationship. Eloisa is a widow and has two sons, Diego and Miguel. Since she always wanted a daughter, she in some way, “adopted” Vale whom she loves like a daughter. When Vale has any type of work commitment, Eloisa stays with Tomas; many times she picks him up at school or soccer practice. Eloisa anxiously wants grandchildren, but she knows she’s far from that, since both her sons are single and don’t seem very interested in starting a family anytime soon.

DIEGO – Jonathan Islas
Diego is Eloisa’s eldest son. He’s noble and has a good heart, always ready to help everyone. He knows how to fix anything: he’s an electrician, plumber, and mechanic. He devotes his spare time to training the kids in the neighborhood who want to play soccer. Diego has a special relationship with Tomy, who he treats as if he were his son, and with Vale, who is like a sister to him. However, when he is asked if he wants to get married and have children, he answers that “he’s still not ready.” Diego will begin to work in the Zubizarreta family’s company, where he will take care of the maintenance work, such as fixing the air conditioner or clean high windows. There, he will meet Adriana, with whom he will live a great love story.

MIGUEL – Gabriel Rossi
Miguel is Eloisa’s youngest son. He works in the bakery’s kitchen and is an excellent cook. He has never introduced any girlfriend to his family. He’s fun, and friendly, and tends to give love advice to the “Lucaslocas” (Lucas Duarte’s Fan Club). His sexuality is a mystery that everyone wants to uncover. Everyone debates whether he is gay or not, but can never find anything to confirm or refute their theories. He’s a neat freak and a compulsive cleaner.


MIRIAM – Josette Vidal
Miriam is in love with Miguel, and trying to figure out whether he is gay or not. She’s is in her second year of her computer science degree, and lives with her widowed father, Roberto. Due to her affinity with computers, she is the one in charge of maintaining the girls in the fan club connected to the internet. Thanks to her, the Lucaslocas will be able to follow all of Lucas Duarte’s steps and his new telenovela. Although she is the youngest of them all, she is the most prudent and mature. Roberto, her father, has had to make it through alone with his daughter, which made Miriam mature faster than other girls of her generation. She’s the most serious of the group, and also the one who solves all the problems, especially those related to technology.

JESSICA – Begoña Narvaez
She is a cosmetologist, masseuse and general esthetician. Jessica has been in love with Diego for years but doesn’t dare to confess it to him. She is cheerful, pretty and eats plenty, but never gains weight. She’s one of those skinny girls with an enviable metabolism. She is always nervous. Jessica dreams with being kissed by Diego; all she wants is for him to see her as a woman, and not just a friend. She suffers because he is too friendly with her, he kisses her, hugs her, and jokes around with her, but it’s never more than just that. She will be the one to advise Diego to look for a job in the Zubizarreta’s company, since she finds out they are hiring. She thought that if she helped Diego find a job, he would be forever grateful. But she would have never imagined that it is precisely in that company where he would find the love of his life.

LUCÍA – Maritza Bustamante
She is a beautiful woman, who is seen at the beginning of the story through flashbacks and memories, since she is dead. She is Vale’s friend since they were in the orphanage. They were inseparable, best friends, confidants, sisters…family. When they had to leave the orphanage, they decided to move in together. Vale’s company did well to Lucia, because she gave her courage and power. Vale was more courageous and outgoing… And Lucia made Vale have fun…She would make Vale watch the telenovela and it was thanks to Lucia that Vale became a fan of the marvelous actor, Lucas Duarte. Until one day, a trip to Cancun changed her life forever. There, Lucia met two men, two loves, two people who marked her life…She returned alone, without any of them, and with a baby in her womb…She was diagnosed with a disease after giving birth, that led to her death.


TOMÁS – Emmanuel Perez
Tomas, or Toto, as everyone calls him…is a very quick and intuitive boy. Adults often believe he doesn’t notice anything, but they are very wrong. Tomas has radar to detect people’s real intentions. He is very grateful to Vale, for raising him as her own son, for all the love and sacrifices she does for him to be happy, and for always believing in him and making him follow his dreams and passion. Because he plays soccer very well, he dreams of playing in a soccer league one day. Diego is his trainer and the team’s coach, besides being his friend, who knows him best after Vale. Life will make him first rivals, but later friends with the son of famous actress, Salma Beltran.

RODRIGO – Eduardo Garcia
He is Salma Beltran’s son. He’s 10 years old but his look and behavior are those of an older child. Rodrigo basically raises himself because his mother only has eyes for herself. He knows he isn’t a priority in his mother’s life and he got used to living with that… although, at times, when no one is watching, he cries because he would like to have a life different from the one he has. He will become good friends with Tomas, and meeting Vale will change his life. Vale will care for him, and teach him how beautiful life can be. Undoubtedly, they will feel like family.


NATALIA – Lorena de la Garza
She is the Zubizarreta’s family maid. She always wants to know everyone’s secrets. Natalia is a Lucas Duarte’s fan, and she is always waiting for him to come to dinner at his brother’s house in order to see him. She takes selfies with him and posts them on social media to make her friends envious of her. She loves Felicitas’ personality and how gorgeous she is…when Felicitas isn’t there and she knows no one is watching, she tries on her clothes and lingerie…and imagines herself as Felicitas… She is nosy, always smiling, charming and very casual.

Agustin is an actor in the telenovela. He plays the role of the villain, the antagonist of Lucas’ character. In real life, he is all kindness. He has self-esteem problems but Vale will help him lift his ego and make him fight for love.

BOB – Freddy Florez
He is Jessica’s co-worker in the hair salon where she used to work. Soon after she is fired from the salon, he quits. He knows the latest fashions and hairdos… He knows what’s in and what’s out. And he will make each of the Lucaslocas optimize their style.

EL DIRECTOR – Miguel Varoni
He is the telenovela’s director, who is rarely seen but heard all the time… He can’t stand having to deal with actors.

CARRIZO – Fernando Pacanins
A show business reporter.  Always on the trail of celebrity news, he follows Vale and Lucas’s love story from the start.  Carrizo is attracted to Vale, but she doesn’t look at him twice.  His role is to inform the public about every detail of the romance between Lucas Duarte and his Fan.

DAMIAN – Roberto Plantier
A psychiatrist and Lucía’s unconditional ally.  Damián owes Lucía everything and will do anything to protect her.  Although he is her accomplice, he sometimes feels remorse and the temptation to tell her secrets.

BENICIO –  Pablo Azar  
An employee of the Zubizarreta’s shipbuilding company.  Greedy and ambitious, he had his eye on the top spot at the company before Adriana turned up and ruined his plans.   Unable to win her over, he gives in and becomes her friend and confidant.  His father is Carlos Zubizarreta’s best friend and has always pressured Benicio to marry into money, but at heart what Benicio really wants is to fall in love and be happy.

BARBARA – Silvana Arias
The daughter of a millionaire who dies at Lucía’s hands, Bárbara will stop at nothing to recover her family’s fortune.  She is incapable of imagining anything but a life of luxury; to her, the most important things in life are having a designer purse and wearing the top labels.  Forced to adapt to work and hardship, she never stops plotting to once again be the rich girl she once was.