The One Where Jay Goes Cray 206 (TV-14-D-L)

Kristin takes off her boss hat when her friends come to Nashville for sleepovers and dinner parties, but everyone is left a little confused when Jay loses his cool. Brittainy tries to bury the hatchet with Matt, but their conversation takes a turn for the worse. During a slumber party at Kristin's old house, Kelly commiserates about dating in her thirties and considers freezing her eggs.

Pass the Popcorn 205 (TV-14-D-L)

Kristin takes an emotional trip down memory lane as she wraps up her visit in Laguna. The mean girl culture at Uncommon James comes to a head when Kristin lays down the law at the office, leaving Colby feeling like a target. Chuy brings everyone together for his annual Block Party and sets Kelly up on a Blind Date.

You Can’t Ship With Us 204 (TV-14-D-L)

Kristin and Brittainy head to Los Angeles to open up a Uncommon James Pop Shop, while the staff back in Nashville are put to the test on Cyber Monday. Jay lends some dating advice to Kelly, and Kristin heads back to Laguna Beach to meet up with an old friend.

Beaches Gone Wild 209 (TV-14-D-L)

Things heat up when Kristin's friends join Kristin and Jay on their sizzling Cabo vacation. Back in Nashville, Reagan struggles to find direction at Uncommon James after her explosive confrontation with Brittainy. Stone and Brittany clash over their conflicting relationship goals.

Cabo, Here We Come! 208 (TV-14-D-L)

Kristin and Jay make their way to Cabo San Lucas for some fun in the sun and to work on their relationship. Before they go, Kristin convinces Jay to host a Little James photoshoot at their house. Tensions between Reagan and Brittainy build up and cause a confrontational meeting.