In the fifth season of Total Bellas, Nicole and Brie are ready to wipe off the lip gloss, strip away the “nice girl,” and unleash the reality of their lives like never before. The series kicks off with the Bellas’ achieving their childhood goal of living next door to each other in their custom-build dream homes in Arizona. Nicole is crazy in love with her new boyfriend Artem, and their hot and sexy relationship is escalating quickly, causing Nicole to make impulsive decisions she may regret. While Nicole and Artem grow closer, Brie and Bryan are growing apart, and their mutual decision to not have any more children uncovers deeper issues in their marriage. As the Bellas learn to balance their business empire as glamorous entrepreneurs with their contrasting love lives, they also attempt to reconcile with their estranged father who they haven’t seen in years… but their desire to heal old wound swill have severe consequences for the entire Bella family.