Love: For Dummies 103 (TV-14-D-L)

Danny, a young aspiring puppeteer, tries his best to romance Courtney with a bike ride and puppet show, but it's not the puppets that give Courtney a scare! Meanwhile, Ross gets down and dirty in the ring with boss babe Alex before cooling off with a few libations and really turning up the heat.

Beaches Be Cray 116 (TV-14-D-L)

Bubbly Megan meets up with a "humble" Zach for a day on the water in hopes of winning his heart before the kayak tips over! Meanwhile, the very outgoing Kemah is ready to find love with professional party dude Diamonte over dinner and drinks in Malibu.

Busted Blue Balls 101 (TV-14-D-L)

Buff comic book nerd Shaun hopes to make a match with former ice skating champion, Lexi, but he may not be able to keep up with her on or off the ice! Meanwhile, flight attendant David shoots high for love on the trapeze with fitness guru Tyrone, but wearing spandex on the first date may have been a big mistake!

Purr-fect Match 109 (TV-14-D-L)

Singer-song writer Jaki is ready for something real and hopes to find it with professional skating pro Madison over kitty cuddles and margaritas. Meanwhile, Derly hopes to finally be a trophy wife with her date Denny, a hot tennis pro from the Czech Republic.

Tased and Confused 204 (TV-14-D-L)

Military veteran Callahan, who is obsessed with the color blue, may find love with Melissa, an accident-prone hedgehog owner with a big heart. Model Shane, and Alaia, a taser-toting swimsuit fashion designer, spend a glamorous day on a yacht at sea. But once back on land, the chemistry starts to dry up.