Silicone Slip-Ups 419 (TV-14-L)

Ravaged by a flesh eating disease, a young woman needs the doctors help to save what's left of her breasts while a southern woman wants her witchy nose gone. A world famous drag queen seeks help for some silicone slip ups.

Double Bubble and No Butt Trouble 415 (TV-14-L)

A pop star impersonator visits the doctors after silicone injections left her with a dented chin and a young woman finally reveals her bad boob job to her mom after years of suffering, while a patient with a dented derriere seeks out the help of the doctors after beating cancer.

Playing with Fire 510 (TV-14-L)

A young woman seeks Dr. Dubrow's help after her implant had to be removed three times leaving her with only one breast. Dr. Nassif aids a patient that went in for a boob job and was given a surprise nose job in Peru and a fire-breathing deejay from the UK wants heel implants to be taller.

Jingle Bell Botched: Most Outrageous Patients Holiday Special 654 (TV-14-L)

A holiday countdown of Botched Most Outrageous Patients. Dr. Dubrow and Dr. Nassif see some over the top patients, including a human cartoon, viral butt implants, and a dynamic duo looking for their next surgeries.

All I Want For Christmas… 607 (TV-14-L)

A mom who claims Santa broke her nose seeks Dr. Nassif's help, while a woman with cobwebbed areolas is haunted by the ghosts of surgeries past. And after almost dying from plastic surgery, a Brazilian bombshell has one last Christmas wish to get her nose fixed.

Boob Greed & Bump Its 606 (TV-14-L)

A woman with four implants in her chest seeks Dr. Dubrow's help to remove them while a transgender patient from Australia wants to add two implants on top of her head to replace her Bump It and Dr. Nassif tries to help an Italian woman get rid of her cannoli nose.

2,000CCs and Counting… 509 (TV-14-L)

A frightening surgical mishap in Colombia leaves a woman with franken-tits, and the doctors salvage a man's dog bitten nose, while an Australian woman has a severe case of boob greed.

Playground Trauma and a Pint-Sized Mama 504 (TV-14-L)

A pint-sized Irish model travels across the pond for larger breasts while the doctors help a woman who almost died from a nightmarish tummy tuck. A young father with a busted nose hopes the docs can give him a nose just like his daughter's.

A Revision Runs Through It 516 (TV-14-L)

On the road in Montana, the doctors take a man-cation fly fishing in the great outdoors and also check in on a woman who went headfirst into a chain link fence in a horrific motorcycle accident. Plus, a woman recovering from a "mommy breakover" urgently needs their help.

Bigger Isn’t Breast 503 (TV-14-L)

A former reality TV star seeks a breast reduction after her boobs got huge on Snapchat and a young woman hopes to enlarge her cross-eyed breasts and start dating again. Meanwhile, Dr. Nassif helps a salon owner with a mutilated chin be the face of her business once again.