Twin Terrors 405 (TV-14-L)

The doctors meet a set of twins with not so identical problems. Dr. Dubrow tries to help the world's first paraplegic fitness model achieve her dream, while Dr. Nassif performs a rhinoplasty on a woman whose nose has been altered by a cleft palate deformity.

Comic Proportions 402 (TV-14-L)

A cosplayer meets with the doctors to make her body more comical. Dr. Dubrow helps a woman whose previous plastic surgery left her with a heart on her butt, while Dr. Nassif operates on a woman who had her nose ruined over 30 years ago.

All Twerk and No Play 403 (TV-14-L)

Dr. Dubrow helps a woman with boobs gone bad get her sexy back and a bodybuilder get back in the gym. The doctors offer advice to a patient on her cheeky trans-formation.

Totally Waist-ed 308 (TV-14-L)

Dr. Nassif helps a man who just wants his ears back, Dr. Dubrow hopes to fix a botched butt implant, and the doctors meet with a woman who has had 17 surgeries to look like the perfect pixie.

Super Fupa 305 (TV-14-L)

Terry operates on a cancer survivor whose gynecologist did her tummy tuck, Paul performs a reconstructive rhinoplasty on a woman who's been teased about her nose since childhood, and a Brazilian human doll seeks the doctors' counsel after botched chest implants left his body looking less than perfect.

Pinched Perfect 303 (TV-14-L)

Paul helps singer Norwood Young find his voice again by performing a revision rhinoplasty. Terry reconstructs the chest of a young mother whose surgeon put in two different sized implants, making them lopsided. The doctors assist a woman whose earlobes are stretched to almost 2 inches.

Welcome to Jurassic Schnoz 514 (TV-14-L)

Dr. Dubrow helps an eating disorder survivor feel beautiful in her own skin by downsizing her breasts, while Dr. Nassif sends a "dinosaur" nose back to the Jurassic era. Plus, a cosplayer seeks help for her flipping butt implant.

Muscles, Tucks and Forehead Flaps 505 (TV-14-L)

Dr. Nassif takes on a patient who tried to treat her own skin cancer and ended up with a hole in her nose while Dr. Dubrow tackles a body builder's deflated breast. A drag queen striving for perfection seeks help for his silicone lip injections gone wrong.

Perfect Chest Quest 422 (TV-14-L)

Martina Big's extreme summer tan injections have led her back to see the doctors again to continue her transformation. A transgender man is hoping Dr. Dubrow can fix his dented chest and Dr. Nassif is a woman's final hope in curing her crippling panic attacks.

Plastic Fantastic 306 (TV-14-L)

After almost dying during a procedure in Ecuador, an ex-playboy model wants to take a second chance at fixing her neck and nose, Terry tries to help a nurse with one big boob instead of two, and reality star Angelique "Frenchy" Morgan wants the doctors to make her even more plastic fantastic.