Jay Leno's Garage - Top Ten: Most Outrageous Rides

Jay Leno's Garage #108 - The Cars Of Tomorrow (TV-PG)

Jay visits automotive innovators who may have insight into the future. He connects with Oscar-winning director and forward-thinking gearhead Francis Ford Coppola, meets young designers who are creating vehicles that can go over 3,000 miles per gallon, and even drives a 3D printed car... all in the effort to paint a picture of tomorrow's vehicles.

Jay Leno's Garage #307 - Hand Made (TV-PG)

In this episode, Jay explores the dying art of handmade automobile design. He visits the retro Old Crow Speed Shop and takes a vintage belly tank racer out onto a dry lake bed. Then, he talks hand-crafted Bentleys with comedian Russell Peters, surprises an iconic Porsche customizer with a drive in the first car he ever owned, and hits the road with the man who started a new era of design - the wedge car. Finally, Jay spends the day with a reformed bad boy who shows troubled youth how working with their hands can keep them out of trouble. Throughout, Jay proves that each handmade vehicle is as unique as the builder's own fingerprints.

Jay Leno's Garage #105 - Beasts Of Burden (TV-PG)

Jay takes a closer look at vehicles that do our country's heavy lifting. He challenges an Abrams battle tank to a race at Fort Irwin, goes on a high-speed spin with the Secret Service, attempts to drive a fire truck through the winding streets of San Francisco, investigates a risky alternative to the postal truck... and through these adventures, comes to appreciate the men and women behind these machines.

Jay Leno's Garage #401 - Movie Cars (TV-PG)

In this episode, the movie car is finally the star of the show! Jamie Foxx shows Jay that he's no baby driver when it comes to stunts, then professional stunt driver Ben Collins finds himself trapped in a Bond chase scene - with Jay playing evil villain. Jay gets an exclusive look at the original Mustang Steve McQueen drove in the film "Bullitt." And musician James Taylor gets reunited with his car from his cult classic "Two Lane Blacktop." It's an action-packed tour of the cars that co-star in some of our favorite films.

Jay Leno's Garage - Top Ten: Most Outrageous Rides (TV-PG)

Jay Leno's Garage #207 - Love Stories (TV-PG)

Jay Leno explores the deep emotional connection people have with their vehicles. He meets one of Joe Biden's greatest loves... a 1967 Corvette; then sets up a once-in-a-lifetime race between the Vice President and Colin Powell. Jay also takes a sentimental ride with champion wrestler Bill Goldberg, goes camping with VW Bus collector and comedian Gabriel "Fluffy" Iglesias, and hits the racetrack with a premiere Ferrari collector who has a powerful backstory. Through these encounters, he discovers just how much a car can mean to its owner.

Jay Leno's Garage #104 - Off The Beaten Path (TV-PG)

Jay leaves the paved roads behind to meet some less traditional motorists and their eclectic rides. He finds his inner child in a giant Tonka Truck, explores harsh terrain with off-roading expert Amy Lerner, races comedian Jeff Dunham in an amphibious car, and cheats death with out of the box designer Baron Margo to discover how these unique vehicles fulfill their drivers' wildest dreams.

Jay Leno's Garage #103 - The Driving Force (TV-PG)

Jay is on a mission to find out why people love cars. He connects with some famous friends, including CJ Wilson, John Hennessey and Laurence Fishburne to figure out what drives their passion... and along the way, explores his own automotive love affair.

Jay Leno's Garage #102 - California Cruisin' (TV-PG)

Jay hits the streets of California to figure out exactly what car culture means in the Golden State. He hangs with East L.A hot rodders, rides with one of the oldest motorcycle clubs in the country, visits forgotten hot spots along the Ridge Route, and gets an exclusive look at the Petersen Automotive Museum's secret vault. He travels the state, experiencing the eclectic car culture that both reflects and shapes its surroundings.