American Greed 12 - Inside The Worldcom Scam | DHS: DEPT. of Hollywood Scams (TV-PG)

Inside the WorldCom Scam - Bernard Ebbers, CEO of WorldCom, rises from rags to riches. But the "telecom cowboy" becomes the poster child for everything that went wrong on Wall Street in the 1990's. WorldCom's eventual downfall shakes the financial community and the lives of thousands of investors. - American Greed investigates one of the most notorious cases of corporate fraud in US history. It reads like a Hollywood script: Joseph Medawar is a hotshot television producer. He creates a new action packed adventure series based on real-life national security cases. Investors fund the project. But there's no show.... only a scam to rob investors out of millions of dollars!

American Greed 101 - Charity Begins at Home (TV-PG)

Miami' s Claudio Osorio casts himself as a wealthy, suave, and brilliant international business tycoon to scam big money and big names. This international crook steals more than $40 million dollars from investors and the US government through a sham computer company and bogus plots to build homes for the poor.

American Greed 98 - A Widow's Web (TV-PG)

Rich husband, beautiful wife, perfect life. Pamela Phillips and Gary Triano are Tucson's golden couple. But their life unravels in a fury of greed and hate. When Gary ends up dead, all eyes are on Phillips. Could she kill for money?

American Greed 83B - Dollars for Dumps (TV-PG)

Crooked Real Estate developer lures victims to his phony residential oases.

American Greed 9 - Unsolved: $300 Million Art Heist | Preying on Faith (TV-PG)

A dark night. A clever plan. $300 million in art is stolen from a Boston museum. Paintings by Rembrandt, Vermeer and Manuet disappear into the night! He's a man of faith. But this pastor preys on his flock. Trusting Christians from small, struggling churches hand over their savings to better their communities. But instead, they are swindled out of $10 million.