Goodbye Kentucky (TV-14-D-L)

Jax and Brittany share a dinner with Brittany's family and friends, but Don tells Jax he still questions his intentions with his daughter. Jax and Brittany have their most explosive argument ever as Brittany accuses Jax of looking down on her Kentucky life. When Jax refuses to apologize, Brittany must decide whether to go back to LA with Jax or stay in Kentucky.

About Last Night (TV-14-D-L)

Brittany fights with Jax about his drunken exploits from the night before. Jax and Brittany go on an ATV ride. Brittany shares a campfire with her dad, as Don reveals he does not fully support her relationship with Jax.

The Gospel According to Jax (TV-14-D-L)

Jax goes to church in an effort to please Brittany's family, but is put off by the colorful worship and exuberance of the other churchgoers. Brittany is shocked to learn Jax has made claims that she's depressed, while Don takes Jax on a failed coyote-hunting excursion. Jax and Brittany get an evening at a local bar, but the night takes an uncomfortable turn when Brittany's ex-boyfriend makes an appearance.

Let’s Make a Baby (TV-14-D-L)

Jax and Brittany enjoy a night out with Brittany's friends, but things get intense when Brittany's best friend confronts Jax. Brittany's brother and sister-in-law throw a fundraiser, but Jax's plan to be a hero backfires. Jax's claims about Brittany causes her father to question Jax's motives.

First Comes Love… (TV-14-D-L)

Jax and Brittany must answer to Mamaw when she discovers they've broken the number one rule of the farm. Jax wonders whether he can ever be the family man Brittany wants. Brittany's father confronts Jax about his true intentions with his daughter, but gets a surprise response when Jax claims that Brittany is depressed.

Welcome to Kentucky (TV-14-D-L)

Jax and Brittany trade the comfortable confines of their home in Los Angeles for the Kentucky farm life. Brittany thrives being back home, but Kentucky turns into a minefield for Jax as he contends with farm animals, awkward sleeping arrangements, and endless marriage questions from Brittany's family. Jax tries to take some pressure off himself with a grand gesture, leaving everyone wondering whether he'll follow through or not.