Fan favorite Tabatha is back and better than ever, saving businesses one family at a time in her new Bravo Media series, “Relative Success with Tabatha.” Many family-run companies in America fail before they can transition the business to the next generation. Tabatha is here to change those statistics with her no-nonsense style and her expertise in the complex world of family-owned entities.
Tabatha knows from her own personal experience that when you have to work with relatives, ALL business is personal. In each episode, as Tabatha rolls up her sleeves to save a business, she inevitably finds herself navigating the deep rooted personal issues that ultimately corrode a family business. Tabatha will make these families face their buried resentments and timeworn grudges so they can hopefully move past their destructive differences and begin working toward a common goal. However, each family is only given three intense weeks to settle their disputes and get their business (and their family) back on track. How will they deal with Tabatha’s signature unapologetic nature, straight talk and bold advice?
“Relative Success with Tabatha” is produced by Lime Productions for All3 Media, with Gregory J. Lipstone, Kate Little, Claire Poyser, Paul Osborne, Phil Harris, Derek McLean, Spike Van Briesen and Tabatha Coffey serving as Executive Producers.