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TODAY Tops GMA in the Key Demo for the Week TODAY Has Been #1 in the Key Demo for 54 Straight Weeks, a First in 4 Years TODAY Has More than Doubled Its Key Demo Advantage Over GMA Season-to-Date, TODAY Is Posting Its Biggest Demo Wins in 5 Years

NEW YORK – January 10, 2017 – NBC News’ TODAY was the number-one morning show topping ABC’s “Good Morning America” in the key demo A25-54 once again for the week. TODAY has now won the key demo for 54 straight weeks, a first in four years. Season-to-date, TODAY is posting its largest A25-54 and A18-49 advantages over GMA in five years. Versus last season, TODAY has more than doubled its key demo advantage over GMA, and the total viewer gap between the two shows is 71% closer (-92,000 versus -318,000). Additionally, TODAY won eight weeks in total viewers last year including the week of the presidential election and the month of December.

*Please note: As of 12/28/15, Nielsen national ratings are based on an expanded sample known as “NPX,” which effectively doubles the size of the Nielsen panel through a combination of additional meters and HHs. While NPX is now the official currency of record, all data pre-12/28/15 remains based on the old sample — so year-to-year and other comparisons are versus pre-NPX data.


Week of January 2:

CBS THIS MORNING2.70113,7190.607670.891,068
GOOD MORNING AMERICA3.43134,7060.881,1291.301,567

TODAY showed the biggest across-the-board gains vs. prior week

TODAY averaged 1.755 million A25-54 viewers, outperforming GMA by +188,000 (+12%) and CBS by +687,000 (+64%)

  • TODAY has ranked #1 among A25-54 viewers for 54 consecutive weeks and 70 of the last 71 weeks
    • TODAY has won 54 straight weeks in A25-54 for the first time in over four years
  • TODAY the biggest A25-54 growth week-to-week, increasing +25% (+351,000) and more than doubling its demo lead over GMA (+188,000 vs. +78,000 prior week)
  • Versus the same week last season, TODAY’s A25-54 advantage GMA was 36% higher (+188,000 vs. +138,000 last year)
  • TODAY has now won 143 consecutive broadcasts in A25-54, dating back to June 10, 2016
  • TODAY delivered a 1.46 A25-54 rating, +0.16 points ahead of GMA and +0.57 points more than CBS

TODAY averaged 1.286 million A18-49 viewers, +157,000 (+14%) more than GMA and +519,000 (+68%) higher than CBS

  • TODAY also posted the biggest A18-49 gain versus prior week (+27%, or +275,000)
  • TODAY’s 1.00 A18-49 rating led GMA by +0.12 points and CBS by +0.40 points

TODAY averaged 4.559 million total viewers, leading CBS This Morning by +840,000 (+23%)

  • TODAY improved its total viewer audience by +14% (+577,000) week-to-week, the biggest gain among the morning news programs
  • Compared to the same week last season, TODAY reduced GMA’s lead by 49% (-147,000 vs. -290,000 last year)


TODAY ranks #1 among A25-54 viewers

  • TODAY has more than doubled its advantage over GMA vs. last season (+246,000 vs. +113,000 in 2015-16)
  • This is TODAY’s best A25-54 season-to-date advantage in 5 years (since the 2011-12 season)

TODAY ranks #1 among A18-49 viewers

  • TODAY’s A18-49 lead over GMA has improved by 22% vs. last season (+235,000 vs. +193,000 in 2015-16)
  • This is TODAY best A18-49 season-to-date advantage in five years

TODAY’s total viewer gap vs. GMA has been reduced by 71% (-92,000 vs. -318,000 last season)


TODAY reached more consumers than GMA on Yahoo with over 31.5 million unique visitors turning to in November for exclusive interviews and the latest lifestyle, parenting and entertainment news, according to recent data from comScore. For 35 consecutive months (44 out of the last 45), has reached more mobile consumers than GMA on Yahoo. has gone from parity in mobile unique visitors in September 2013 to 2.9x GMA on Yahoo’s mobile visitor number in November 2016.


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