Luis Ernesto Franco and Camila Sodi Star alongside an All-star Cast

  • Stellar cast also includes: Sergio Goyri, Alejandro Camacho, Eduardo Yáñez, Sonya Smith, Uriel del Toro, Samadhi Zendejas, Geraldine Bazán, Álvaro Guerrero, Gabriela Roel, Azela Robinson, Pepe Gámez, Manuel Balbi, Marcus Ornellas
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  •  “Falsa Identidad” is an original story by Perla Farías written by Sergio Mendoza, and is produced by Argos for TELEMUNDO GLOBAL STUDIOS
  • Marco Santana is the Showrunner, with Executive Producers David Posada for Telemundo and Ivan Aranda for Argos TelevisionShow synopsis
Show synopsis

“Falsa Identidad” is the story of Diego (Luis Ernesto Franco) and Isabel (Camila Sodi), two complete strangers who are forced to flee their home state of Sonora, México for different circumstances, adopting the false identity of a solid marriage as they escape their haunting destiny.

Diego leaves his family after his father’s passing and his mother remarries. In an act of rebellion, and in order to punish what he considers a betrayal of his father's memory, Diego gets involved in an illicit world, selling fuel to Sonora's most powerful drug dealer, Gavino Gaona. Things get complicated when Diego has an affair with Gavino's wife, putting a price on his own head.

For her part, Isabel marries Porfirio "El Corona" (Marcus Ornelas) at the young age of fifteen. At that time he was a member of a norteño music band, whose career was just beginning to take off.  Over the years, El Corona's career dies, and he becomes a bitter and neurotic jealous man, who physically abuses Isabel for any excuse. Isabel endures the abuse thinking it the best for the children and to keep the family united until one day the violence of El Corona reaches her children: Amanda (Barbie Casillas) and Ricardo (Checo Perezcuadra).

Isabel manages to escape from her husband's house with her children, and finds refuge in Zoraida, a maid that works for Eliseo Hidalgo (Manuel Balbi), mayor of Álamos, Sonora. Diego, who is the mayor’s brother, also hides from the drug lord in the same house. There their paths cross for the first time and permanently. Eliseo devises a plan to hide Diego outside of Sonora, assuming the identity of an American tourist who just died in Sonora with his wife and son. To complete the farce, Isabel must pretend to be Diego's wife and have Ricardo act as their child.

Although this decision is the opportunity that Isabel was looking for to escape El Corona, it also means leaving her oldest daughter behind, and trusting a man she has just met. Isabel and Diego begin their new life in Mexico City, where they learn to trust in each other.  At the beginning they are complete opposites, but they learn to trust on each other. El Corona and the narcos do not take long to go after them: the past always finds them. But in the middle of persecution, Isabel and Diego discover a passion and chemistry that they had never experienced before, and there is only one step from here to real love.

“Falsa Identidad” cast stars Luis Ernesto Franco as Diego Hidalgo; Camila Sodi as Isabel; Sergio Goyri as Gavino Gaona, a drug lord from Alamos, Sonora; Alejandro Camacho is Augusto Orozco, Eduardo Yáñez is Don Mateo; Sonya Smith as Fernanda Orozco, Augusto’s wife; Uriel del Toro plays the role of Joselito, Samadhi Zendejas is Circe Gaona, daughter of Gavino; Geraldine Bazán is Marlene, Isabel’s best friend, Azela Robinson is Ramona; Isabel’s best friend; Alvaro Guerrero is Salas, Gabriela Roel plays the role of Felipa; Azela Robinson is Ramona; Pepe Gámez plays Deivid, Diego’s best friend, Manuel Balbi is Eliseo Hidalgo, the mayor of Alamos, Sonora; Marcus Ornellas portrays Porfirio Corona, a norteño music singer A.K.A. Corona, Martijn Kuiper as Jim; Alejandra Zaid as Lourdes; Juliette Pardeu as Gabriela; Vanessa Restrepo as Paloma; Pedro Hernández as Piochas; Gimena Gómez as Nuria; Marcela Manriquez as Zoraida; Barbie Casillas as Amanda; Checo Perezcuadra as Ricardo; Emilio Herrera as Erik; and Toño Valdes as Chucho.

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