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About "Deal or No Deal”

“Deal or No Deal is back…with new twists and turns! Premiering almost 10 years after the hit show ended its meteoric run, the all-new “Deal or No Deal” with host and executive producer Howie Mandel delivers more high-pressure games of risk and reward. Contestants make high-stakes decisions to take or reject offers of life-changing money from 26 sealed briefcases full of varying amounts of cash – ranging from a penny to $1 million. The mysterious woman known only as "the Banker,” plays the odds in an attempt to buy back each contestant’s case for the lowest amount. It’s a nail biting process for player and their supporters…now with the added ability to Counter-Offer any Banker Deal once in a game!

Wednesday, 1/9/19 at 9PM ET/PT: DEAL OR NO DEAL #510 (P): FLYING HIGH

Poker player Shireen Mui goes all in against The Banker. But it’s The Banker who calls her bluff with a specially crafted poker offer that puts Shireen on the ropes. Shireen’s a hard nose salesperson who doesn’t cash out quickly and even pushes her limits when The Banker sends her husband into the rafters.

Wednesday, 1/16/19 at 9PM ET/PT: DEAL OR NO DEAL #511 (P): SMALL TOWN, BIG DREAMS

Loveable Bryce Gage has big dreams for his small town, Marble Falls, TX. This full of energy high school choir director hits the stage ready to play for his million-dollar opus! The Banker doesn’t take it easy on Mr Marble Falls she has surprise offers, surprise guests and even a basketball challenge against an NBA Orlando Magic player. Bryce isn’t phased and stays focused on winning his big deal!

Wednesday, 1/23/19 at 9PM ET/PT: DEAL OR NO DEAL #512 (P): MY BIG FAT GREEK GAME SHOW

Restauranteur and newlywed, George Stathoulis and his big Greek family take over the show in a loud, colorful, plate-breaking, dancing and suspense filled game. George is playing to have expand his family and with a $25,000 surprise George is confident he’ll have a Greek triumph.

Wednesday, 1/30/19 at 9PM ET/PT: DEAL OR NO DEAL #513 (P): FATHER KNOWS BEST

The Motor City, Detroit, brings one-of-a-kind father of five sons, John West, to the stage. A retired automotive line worker wants to win the million dollars to retire in comfort and provide an even better future for his five sons. Howie has a surprise that stuns the West family and honors John’s years of service to his family.

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