Back-to-back new episodes will air at 9 PM and 10 PM ET on Wednesday, 12/12 and 12/19.

All programming subject to change.

About "Deal or No Deal”

“Deal or No Deal is back…with new twists and turns! Premiering almost 10 years after the hit show ended its meteoric run, the all-new “Deal or No Deal” with host and executive producer Howie Mandel delivers more high-pressure games of risk and reward. Contestants make high-stakes decisions to take or reject offers of life-changing money from 26 sealed briefcases full of varying amounts of cash – ranging from a penny to $1 million. The mysterious woman known only as "the Banker,” plays the odds in an attempt to buy back each contestant’s case for the lowest amount. It’s a nail biting process for player and their supporters…now with the added ability to Counter-Offer any Banker Deal once in a game!

Wednesday, 12/12/18 at 9PM ET: DEAL OR NO DEAL #503(P): THERE’S SNOW PLACE LIKE HOME

Howie Mandel’s hit game show is back with life-altering deals! A busy military wife and mother faces off against the Banker in the hope of winning $1 million and moving back to join her adoring parents in Michigan.

Wednesday, 12/12/18 at 10PM ET: DEAL OR NO DEAL #504(P): $5 REDEMPTION

Deal or No Deal past & present collide when Artis Jackson seizes the chance to redeem his family’s honor. Artis’ mother, Cheryl Jackson, faced The Banker 13 years ago and walked away with only $5! Now, Artis is determined to break the $5 curse… while momma, with each case, agonizes her son will replay her defeat!

Wednesday, 12/19/18 at 9PM ET: DEAL OR NO DEAL #505(P): BEARD OR NO BEARD

Rugged entrepreneur and family man, David Leeman brings larger-than-life enthusiasm…and beard… in his face-off with The Banker. Hoping to finally give his wife a true dream wedding… will David be able to make the unthinkable sacrifice and leave a changed man?

Wednesday, 12/19/18 at 10PM ET: DEAL OR NO DEAL #506(P): HAPPY HOWIE DAYS

Howie Mandel's hit game show is back after 10 years with a heart-warming holiday special and the ultimate $1 million present. A family who has overcome all odds…an incredible adoption story…and a player who pushes the limits to bring life-changing money home for the holidays.

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