Air Date: Sundays on Telemundo (10-11 p.m. ET); Season Premiere Sunday October 9


The Family Night Begins with Disney’s “Wreck-It Ralph” (6pm/5c), Followed by “Siempre Niños” (8pm/7c) with a Special Visit from Singer Joey Montana, and the Most Talented Kids from Around the World, Wrapping Up with “Don Francisco Te Invita” (10pm/9c) Featuring Radio Personality El Mandril and Los del Rio with their International Hit, “Macarena”


MIAMI – February 2, 2017TELEMUNDO presents five hours of exclusive programming for the whole family this Sunday, February 5th:

  • At 6pm/5c, is the Spanish-language version of “Wreck-It Ralph,” Disney’s hit animated movie that tells the story of a video-game character who attempts to change his bad-guy image by escaping into the video-game universe to demonstrate the world that he can be a hero.

  • At 8pm/7c, “Siempre Niños” introduces four girls to “Niños del Mundo” (Kids from Around the World) who will present their great talent on stage, including an incredible Mexican girl with a fortunate mind for math who has been positioned as one of the top ones around the world at such a short age; a young flamenco dancer who travels from Granada, Spain after conquering the audience in her own country; an Ecuadorian pole dance champion; and a singer from Paraguay who has become popular in her native country. Don Francisco, alongside Patricia Manterola and Karim Mendiburu, will feature the exclusive visit of urban singer, Joy Montana, who celebrates 17 years in the music industry, and will share childhood memories and perform his latest single “Hola.” The show opens with the talented kids from Dance Zone in a spectacular evening that will also present “Entre Niños” segment, where kids find a solution to adult situations, and the comedic performances of “Pequeños y Risueños”, as well as the comments from the young judges, Yoi, Allen and Valerie.

  • At 10pm/9c, “Don Francisco Te Invita” brings an hour with great personalities such as the world famous Los del Rio, where duet Antonio Romero Monge and Rafael Perdigones Ruíz, performing their international hit “Macarena,” in addition to the special guest Ricardo Sánchez, the famous radio personality known as El Mandril. Don Francisco, alongside Jessica Carrillo, will also feature actor Fabian Ríos and his wife, actress Yuly Ferreira in an exclusive personal interview, as well as the unique style and rhythm of urban tap dancers, “Street Beatz.”

Viewers can find information on “Siempre Niños” on or and followñosTV; Twitter: @SiempreNinosTV and Instagram: @SiempreNinosTLMD using the hashtag: #SiempreNIños. “Don Francisco Te Invita” is available on and, in addition to the following social media accounts:; Twitter: @DonFTeInvita and Instagram: @donfranciscoteinvita, using hashtag: #DonFTeInvita.

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