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EXCLUSIVE! Watch 4 People Help Mariah Carey Put on Her Stilettos: ''These Shoes Are Abusive!''

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"I can't put them on alone."

Mariah Carey struggles with her stilettos on this Sunday's series premiere of Mariah's World and we have the video evidence to prove it.

In this exclusive clip from the episode, Mariah has a team of four people working to get her "abusive" shoes on.

"It's taking me a minute to put these shoes on!" Mariah says. "Oprah told me, 'Don't let anybody think that you don't know how to put your shoes on anymore.'"

But, there's one problem...

"The problem is these shoes are abusive and I can't put them on alone," Mariah admits. "I'm not gonna lie about it."

"There's four people putting on your shoes right now," Mariah's manager Stella informs her.

Watch the hilarious clip above to see the team of people it takes to put on Mariah's stilettos!

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