E! NEWS EXCLUSIVE: Morgan Stewart Is Dating Dr. Phil's Son Jordan McGraw!


Morgan Stewart and musician Jordan McGraw are Instagram (Live) official!

The E! host, who filed for divorce from Brendan Fitzpatrick in October 2019, revealed in a Nightly Pop Instagram Live Wednesday that she's been dating McGraw (yes, Dr. Phil McGraw's son) for about three months.

Stewart has been open about her struggles after the split from Fitzpatrick, so fans were quick to make sure McGraw will treat her right. One in particular even asked about his "intentions."

"What are Jordan's intentions?" Stewart said before turning to McGraw. "Do you see the overprotective nature of people who follow me?"

But as it turns out, this isn't the first time the two have dated.

"You wanna know a very fun fact, you guys? We dated 10 years ago for a year and then he broke up with me because he was like, 'I'm not down with you, bitch,'" Stewart joked. "And I was like, 'Fine, whatever. I don't care.' And then I went on obviously to have another relationship and then the past year we got back together."


What sparked the reunion?

"I don't know, he was persistent and I was like, 'Alright,'" she explained to a fan who asked.

Stewart and McGraw are currently social distancing together because of coronaviru Luckily, they're in an oceanfront house in Malibu and drinking Aperol spritzes!

Plus, they're not sick of each other quite yet. The "Met At A Party" singer said being cooped up with Stewart is "all entertaining all the time."

The couple signed off after talking to fans for a bit, but not before one could ask if McGraw was committed enough to get a face tattoo that says "Morgan."

"Yeah!" he jokingly replied.


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