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E! NEWS EXCLUSIVE: Watch Mariah Carey and Bryan Tanaka Reconnect & Share a Special Secret Handshake After a Decade Apart: ''I'm So Happy to See You!''

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Bryan Tanaka stops by Mariah Carey's dressing room this Sunday!

On the upcoming episode of Mariah's World, Tanaka wants to spend some time with Mimi and reunite with her after being apart for 10 years.

"I mean so much has happened," Tanaka says to Carey after they hug in the clip above. "Congratulations on your engagement."

"Ohhh thank you," Carey replies.

Tanaka then says he wants to meet Carey's two twins Moroccan and Monroe.

"You gotta meet the twins," Carey tells him.

"I want to kick it with them, I gotta teach them some moves," Tanaka says.

Carey then tells Tanaka that she's "so happy" to see him.

"When I was on tour with Mariah the first time, I just remember she's always been supportive of me as a dancer, as a choreographer, as a person," Tanaka reveals. "This is like a dream come true when you work with someone like Mariah Carey you know, she's a legend. But I'm happy because it's natural, it's what it's always been."

Take a look at the Mariah's World clip above to see Carey and Tanaka reunite and to see their sexy secret handshake!