E! LIVE FROM THE RED CARPET EXCLUSIVE: You Gotta See Nicole Kidman & Paul Rudd Crash Laura Dern's Golden Globes Interview!

Is there anyone at the 2020 Golden Globes that Laura Dern hasn't worked with recently?!

The Marriage Story actress was bound to run into many familiar faces at tonight's Globes ceremony, as E! News' Ryan Seacrest reminded the lovable star during our exclusive red carpet interview.

"The film is nominated, Marriage Story. Big Little Lies. Half the room is part of the people you work with, it's filled with people you work with every day," Seacrest said.

"It is an amazing night," Dern gushed. "We also have Little Women representing, so it's a big night for all of us."

When asked which cast she's going to sit with, Dern joked, "It's gonna get ugly in there. The doors will close. It's going to be a lot of serious do-si-do."

And with that, Dern's Big Little Lies co-star Nicole Kidman adorably crashed her E! News interview with a big hug. "I said I hope we can sit together for some of it!" Dern told Kidman.

"You're like having to table-hop," Kidman teased her pal. "She should be at every table."

Dern went on to call working with the cast of Big Little Lies, "The greatest experience there is."

"It is. We're so lucky to work together and to love each other and to be able to create together," Kidman added.

Shortly after, Seacrest inquired as to the whereabouts of Kidman's hubby
Keith Urban, who then joined Dern and his wife. But the interview crashing didn't stop there!


Paul Rudd was standing off to the side and joined in to make quite the star-studded foursome.

"The cast of Big Little Lies!" Dern joked.

"How much fun did we have on that?" Rudd quipped.

"You were so good in it," Nicole teased Rudd

"I didn't even recognize you in it you were so good," Seacrest cracked.

"He's such a chameleon," Dern said.

"I look a lot like
Adam Scott in that show everyone tells me," Rudd laughed.

See the adorable Golden Globes red carpet moment go down in the clip above!

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