E! LIVE FROM THE RED CARPET EXCLUSIVE: Jennifer Aniston and Kerry Washington's Love Fest Is the Girl Power the 2020 Golden Globes Needs

Name a better 2020 Golden Globes duo. We'll wait.

As both Jennifer Aniston and Kerry Washington made their way over to E!'s Ryan Seacrest for an exclusive chat, the Scandal star couldn't help but scream out, "You look so beautiful!" We don't blame Kerry one bit (this is the Ms. Aniston we're fawning over), and her conversation with Ryan quickly turned to The Morning Show and its ongoing fanfare.

"I love Jennifer Aniston and I love The Morning Show," she gushed, as they beckoned the Golden Globes nominee over. What came next can only be described as the magic of live television.

"I was stargazing," Jennifer chimed in, as Kerry told her, "I was just saying how amazing Morning Show is and how much we both love Reese [Witherspoon]. And how you're phenomenal. I'm obsessed. I love it!"

"I love you," Aniston told the A-lister. "You're so beautiful."

The Friends alum finds herself nominated for Best Actress in a Drama TV Series, a major career milestone that she described to us as the "perfect storm."

"I've been producing for the last 10 years. My partner and I, when we started our company, it was at that moment when we were not finding roles and the pieces of material that we felt excited about. So you take matters into your own hands and we are now at this moment. It's incredible."

Incredible, indeed.


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