TODAY Tops GMA for 19 Straight Quarters and 58 Consecutive Months in Key Demo

TODAY Wins 233 out of 235 Weeks in A25-54

TODAY Is #1 in the Key Demo Season to Date

NEW YORK – June 30, 2020 – NBC News’ TODAY was the number-one morning show for the second quarter in 2020, topping ABC’s “Good Morning America” in the key A25-54 demo. TODAY has now won 19 consecutive quarters (58 straight months) in the key A25-54 news demo.

TODAY also won in the key A25-54 demo last week, marking 233 out of 235 weeks in first place. Additionally, TODAY grew in total viewers and the key demo versus the prior week. Season to date, TODAY ranks first among A25-54 and A18-49 viewers.


2Q 2020

CBS THIS MORNING0.566740.354502,996
GOOD MORNING AMERICA0.921,1110.557173,932

TODAY ranked #1 in A25-54 for the 19th consecutive quarter

  • TODAY averaged 1.190 million A25-54 viewers, leading GMA by +79,000 (+7%) and CBS This Morning by +516,000 (+76%)
  • TODAY’s lead over CBS improved by 5% compared to 2Q’19.

TODAY has ranked #1 in A18-49 for 30 straight quarters

  • TODAY averaged 842,000 A18-49 viewers, topping GMA by +125,000 (+17%) and CBS by +392,000 (+87%)
  • Compared to 2Q’19, TODAY improved its A18-49 leads over both GMA (3% higher) and CBS (6% higher).

TODAY averaged 3.802 million total viewers, leading CBS by +806,000 (+27%)

JUNE 2020

CBS THIS MORNING0.496000.314042,683
GOOD MORNING AMERICA0.829910.496333,607

TODAY won its 58th consecutive month among A25-54 viewers

  • TODAY averaged 1.034 million A25-54 viewers, +43,000 (+4%) ahead of GMA and +434,000 (+72%) higher than CBS

TODAY ranked #1 in A18-49 for the 63rd consecutive month

  • TODAY averaged 728,000 A18-49 viewers, leading GMA by +95,000 (+15%) and CBS by +324,000 (+80%)
  • TODAY’s A18-49 lead over GMA rose by 6% compared to June 2019.

TODAY averaged 3.425 million total viewers, leading CBS by +742,000 (+28%)

WEEK OF JUNE 22-28, 2020

CBS THIS MORNING0.495940.313992,582
GOOD MORNING AMERICA0.819790.486203,567

TODAY averaged 979,000 A25-54 viewers, leading CBS This Morning by +385,000 (+65%)

  • TODAY has now ranked #1 in A25-54 for 233 of the last 235 weeks
  • Versus prior week, TODAY added +1,000 A25-54 viewers.

TODAY averaged 685,000 A18-49 viewers, +65,000 (+11%) more than GMA and +286,000 (+72%) higher than CBS

  • TODAY ranked #1 in A18-49 for the 102nd time in the last 104 weeks

TODAY averaged 3.310 million total viewers, leading CBS This Morning by +728,000 (+28%)

  • Versus prior week, TODAY’s total audience was up +3,000 viewers while its advantage over CBS improved by 11%.

SEASON-TO-DATE (9/23/2019-6/28/2020)

TODAY ranks #1 among both A25-54 and A18-49 viewers

TODAY’s A18-49 lead over GMA has grown by 21% while its lead over CBS is up 3% compared to last season

  • Lead over GMA is +126,000 (vs. +104,000 last season)
  • Lead over CBS is +396,000 (vs. +386,000 last season)

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