I have had a Media Village account for years, but now it won't work. What's the deal?
The newly redesigned Media Village launched in October 2009 and all users must register for a new account.
Can I share my account with coworkers?
No. Account sharing is not permitted and doing so can cause the account holder to lose their account privilege altogether. All eligible employees should register for their own account.
Why is my account locked?
If you have unsuccessfully attempted to login 3 times your account will become locked. Please contact support@nbcumv.com to unlock your account.
Why is my account cancelled?
When your account was approved you were emailed a temporary password that expires in 7 days. If you failed to login within 7 days and change the password your account will be cancelled. Please contact support@nbcumv.com to reactivate your account.
I downloaded a bunch of images today and now my high res download option is gone. What gives?
All users have a default daily download limit of 20 images.
I don't have an account, or I'm not press, but I need to request some photos. What should I do?
Send a photo request to photorequest@nbcumv.com. Please include the file names you are requesting along with your name, company and photo usage.
Where can I find images from NBC Universal's archive?
Please visit "http://nbcuphotobank.com" to visit our extensive collection of current and archival photos dating back to the 1920's NBC Radio days up to and including our current cable network families. Media Village users will need to register for a separate account.
Why do I have to keep logging into the site throughout the day?
The site will log you out after 60 minutes of inactivity.
How come I can download some photos but certain shows/networks do not give me the download option?
When you registered you selected the divisions and networks that you wanted access to. If you did not choose a specific division or network, you won't have access to download that content. Contact support to adjust your access.